Call for nominations! 2017-18 Steering Committee

Dear CGSU,

We write on behalf of the 2017 CGSU Election Committee to solicit nominations for candidates to the Steering Committee. The Steering Committee coordinates the work of the union by facilitating member discussion, debate, and participation in decision-making. Any CGSU member may nominate another member or self-nominate for any Steering Committee position.

As we look toward the future of our union in this exciting and incredibly transitional time, our union continues to only be as strong as our members. Even if you don't have a background or experience in this sort of thing, we encourage all CGSU members to consider taking up this opportunity to participate in the process—maybe even by running yourself! The responsibilities of each Steering Committee member can be found in Article II, Section C in the CGSU Constitution. Please note that incumbent Steering Committee members are not eligible to serve in the same position on this year’s Steering Committee.

The Election Committee will accept nominations until May 10th. Please send in all nominations using this form.

Positions are listed below for reference.

1. Administration Liaison
2. Graduate and Professional Student Association (GPSA) Liaison
3. Membership Coordinator
4. Communication and Outreach Standing Committee Chair
5. Organizing Standing Committee Chair
6. Research and Contract Standing Committee Chair
7. & 8. Treasurers (two positions) (co-chair the Finance Standing Committee)
9. Secretary (chairs the Legal Affairs Standing Committee)
10. Grievances Standing Committee Chair
11. Unity Standing Committee Chair

Next steps

After the two week nominations period has concluded, the elections committee will solicit statements from candidates, should positions be contested. These statements will be compiled into a Voter Guide and distributed to the membership.

Electronic Balloting will commence one week after the Voter Guide has been distributed. Members will have one week to vote using an online vote system. After the one week voting period has concluded, Election Committee Members will submit the results to the membership when they have been processed.

Thank you! Please nominate!  

In solidarity,

Your 2017 Elections Committee

Augie Faller
Vera Khovanskaya
Kathryn McGill
Yogesh Patil