CGSU response to Cornell’s mental health demands

BREAKING: On March 20th, VP Lombardi emailed Cornell’s student body recognizing the urgency of graduate students’ mental health demands for the first time since our December rally. He expressed Cornell’s commitment to mental health and revealed the first set of concrete changes to Cornell’s mental health offerings in recent memory.

We appreciate that Cornell is taking a step forward in recognizing student voices. However, there’s a lot left to be done. Cornell hasn’t recognized the hurdles facing graduate students specifically, and it has yet to recognize the majority of demands listed on our petition. In particular, it’s not clear how graduate student voices will factor into the external review.

Cornell isn’t acknowledging CGSU’s role in advocating for mental health, but it isn’t a coincidence that these promises are arriving now. Cornell knows we’re organizing, they know we’re rallying today, and they know that we won’t wait in the dark for reforms so crucial to our well-being. It is more important than ever for us to make our voices heard, to ensure Cornell remains accountable to implementing these changes as soon as possible and to ensure that Cornell fully recognizes our demands.

Come show Cornell that we’re standing together today (3/21) at 1pm in the courtyard between Uris and Statler.

We need to show Cornell that we’re standing strong because this is just the beginning: there are many, many issues that Cornell needs to address to better support grad workers, and we can only make those happen if we stand together.

Graduate Workers,

After Four years of organizing, we remain firm in our commitment to advocate for the rights and interests of graduate workers.

We’re organizing and fighting for a better Cornell.

Cornell Graduate Students United was founded by a dozen members in 2014, and now organizes hundreds. Our hard work teaching and doing research is invaluable to Cornell’s mission and reputation. Cornell doesn't always share our interests, which is why we must keep advocating for them.

Join us in the fight for fairness, respect, and democracy at Cornell University.


What do we stand to Gain?